A Wearable Device For Your Brain Health

Client  Watson & Company
Services  Industrial Design / BI Design / Photography
Year  2020

Pocus is a neuromodulation device invented and manufactured by a South Korean electroceuticals startup, Watson & Company. It is a compact wearable device that passes 1mA of electricity to the brain. Working primarily in the frontal lobe, the electricity stimulates brain cells which leads to activating overall brain functions. Electrical stimulation of the brain is a method that has been practiced since 100 years ago and has been used more and more through scientific developments in recent years.


Mild Electrical Stimulation

When the device is worn on the forehead, electrical stimulation enters through the frontal lobes on both sides. Approximately 1mA of electricity stimulates the head for 30 minutes, promoting the activation of the frontal lobe. Unlike other medical devices, Pocus has very little side effects because the amount of electricity flowing into the brain is minimal. Only a mild discomfort such as a headache or stinging.


Cozy Pillow-like Form-Language With A Stylish Neon Color Accent

(acasso)'s goal was to design a medical-grade product that looks more inviting and comfortable than the conventional counterparts used in hospitals. Most of the medical devices are somewhat viewed as intimidating to many people due to their cold, metallic, and gloss-finished aesthetics that is purposely adopted to emphasize their technical performance. Pocus's main audience is those who want to experience a similar efficacy at their home without visiting a medical facility.

Pocus's subtly bloated matt finished frontal housing resembles a cozy pillow. This warm and friendly-looking design-language is adopted with the intention of reducing the psychological burden of users when using a neuromodulation device. Pocus is offered in two different colors, and the difference is the accent color on the strap. For the consumer version, a neon-yellow accent is applied to the rim of the strap. For the corporate version, all gray for a professional-look.


Hydrogel pads are used for better electrical conductivity. The pads are easily attached to the product by magnetic snaps.


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