Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Gun

Client  Kraftgun
Services  Industrial Design / Packaging Design / Photography
Year  2020

Kraftgun has approached (acasso) in early 2019, asking us to design a new product that succeeds the already top-selling Kraftgun massage gun. It took more than a year to perfect the new product's design and performance while avoiding the infringement of multiple design patents registered by the major seller. (acasso) has suggested the name 'Force', which intuitively describes the massage gun's high stall-force that stands out from its competitors. Kraftgun is one of the most powerful massage guns currently available due to its high torque BLDC motor. Our mission was to develop and apply a relevant design language that emphasizes the masculine character of the brand to its latest product.


Coherent Design Language

The rounded square shape is the main design element that is applied throughout the massage gun's industrial design. The shape symbolizes the dual presence of boldness and softness in the design that represents the Force’s durability and ergonomics. The sharp edge detail that comes after the smooth curvature expresses the “chic masculinity”.


Visible Performance

Force has a dark-tinted translucent polycarbonate motor cover which showcases the dynamic movement of the powerful brushless 24V motor inside. It was inspired by the transparent engine covers of exotic Italian super cars which are intended for showing off their class-leading performance.

20201211 Kraftgun2.362_PP_3K_02
202012124 Kraftgun2_ button.22_PP_3K_02

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